To a friend


my friend,
when I get old…
(if, I have the privilege
to get old)
I would like to meet you.

on a Sunday morning
in the cobbled streets
of Prizren,
or, at the cafeteria
in front of the mosque,
I would like to meet you.
And I would love
for you to ask me,
“Hi there, old friend,
how have you been?”

even if my memory betrays me

and I forget
who you have been;
even if I’m lost
in that vague space
of my empty mind;
I would love,
for you to stop me
and ask,
“Hi there, old friend…
how have you been?”

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To Autumn

My First Fantasy Novel


To Autumn,

Junior high school was something, huh? To anyone else, I would have been nothing more than a loser, lunching all alone at my Table of Solitude. But, not to you. Since I had found myself to be the odd one out, you were the first to invite me in from the cold shoulders and demeaning air that stirs around one of those empty tables.

You sat with the bad kids, but you never belonged there. No, I don’t know how you ended up there. A gorgeous amethyst cast before swine.  With courage and healing, you touched me, brought me in from the cold. With that single touch, you brought my eyes to you. But, whenever you glanced my way, I was shy and turned away.

I remember the day I sat across the table from you. We were surrounded by the others, too. When my drink slipped down…

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Fan-tastic Fridays #1

My favourite fictional band of all time!!! ❤ the sinners!!!!

Olivia Cunning's Blog

I don’t have to tell you that I have the most amazing fans on the planet. Heck, if you’re reading this you’re probably one of them, and it’s obvious that you’re fan-freaking-tastic.

I know we’ve been congregating on Wednesdays to ogle the hotties for over a year, but everyone knows that FRIDAY is the most anticipated day of the week. So let’s celebrate them. With giveaways!

There’s a story behind this first giveaway, so bare with me while I indulge in an overabundance of words.

A very talented friend of mine (who also happens to be my most trusted beta reader) recently started a business making bridal bouquets and these ingenious little inventions called train loops for helping the bride manage the train of her gown. Recently, I was perusing her site on–no I’m not getting married or anything–and saw that she made keychains as bridal party…

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