No More Time Left

Because no one knows what will happen tomorrow or the day after
every moment we have now is like our last breath
we do all we can, and we do all that we might
to leave behind footprints of memories that others can revive

as the saying goes
each second weighs so much more than gold
don’t waste it away, don’t throw it away
make use of its worth, its value today

no time to dwell, on the sadness that resides
that blinds our lives and fill us with lies
so let’s not forget as every second ticks
to smile and no anger nor wrath should exist



Because i am who you are not
Quit being so sore

Just cause you can’t be me
stop being a bitch, please?


like a white dream the memories flashed before my eyes
even though past, never truly forgotten
reliving each moment all over again
savoring the sweet tender bits, the bitterness along with it
overcoming the tides, to be washed up along soft sandy sites
repeating over and over again
till the final last breath

The moment of fate

Sometimes i just want to scream
Scream into the dark, into the abyss
A place unknown, no river flows

My vision clear, but the edges are blur
i want to claw out my heart, my mind
Tormented by the dark, pulling anything in sight

I cant see my hands as i held them up
As though my very own existence is a sham
Mocking me while i twist and turn, lost

Stumbling through endless space
My voice cut through the silent gray
Clutching emptiness, pulling vacant air

The continued black i’m swallowed in
Losing consciousness, fading away
Till i finally see, the first sign of light

The Neighbour

walking down the street that we shared
memories flood my mind as i look at the scenery
as though it was being played right now, right in front of me
and when i turn to my side, laughing at something you said
i stopped short, for there was no longer anyone there

the times that we had never really left me
even now as i stumble through the days you were still everywhere
every little habitual movements you did, caught my eyes and i’d smile
seasons changed and we had been the same, as though we were a constant in the place
i stopped short, for you were no longer there

those lips, the words you said to me
unable to forget, even when you left me, questions in my mind
regrets lingered in my dreams, turning to nightmares when i see your back
again, and again the times together, the future we sought to share
i stopped short, for you are no longer here