Before i start on a long speech, let me take this chance to thank you for reading my writing blog. i really appreciate the support and encouragement you give me.

I started out this blog, separated from my other blog, thecandytheory a themed blog, for me to write and type away. i’ve always loved English, and writing and reading has always been a passion for me, ever since i was a little girl, absorbing everything i can around me like a sponge that can never be full. as i grew older, i took a break from this little passion of mine, to do other things, like focusing on my degree, which has nothing to do with writing what-so-ever, getting a job that society acknowledges as decent, and squeezing time to pick up the electric bass, which is another passion of mine.

And after so much time has been wasted, i’ve decided that it’s about time i do something serious about this little passion in me that never burned out even after so many years. i’ve also started reading more frequently now, and once again i feel more alive, as i dig myself into books and the loveliness of words that seem to be able to carry me away from reality for a brief period of time. Sometimes i feel like a drunkard or a drug addict, suffering from withdrawal syndromes or craving for a good book to read.

So i’m here now, to do the same for people. I love to express myself through words, and i think it has been my sole channel for letting out my inner most emotions and thoughts. Through this little corner of mine, i hope to be able to put down my creativity and share it with all of you, and i hope maybe, you’d be able to brought into a different world with me.

Your dearest friend,


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